About Us

About Us:

Since taking over Sunhow in 2006, a domestic brand renowned for its high-quality home appliances, we founded Jin-Hong-Sin Technology Co. Ltd. as the main dealing agency and dedicated ourselves to developing a series of electrical appliances for family use under the Sunhow brand. For better quality production and a more all-encompassing plan for sustainable development, Jin-Hong-Sin established a 1200-ping (approx. 42,708 square feet) specialized manufacturing factory for Sunhow home appliances in Tainan in 2009, devoted to the development and improvement of our products in order to make them more competitive and flexible. We pride ourselves on our strict quality control and our talented personnel in development, production and marketing. Our products are all made in Taiwan. With Taiwanese roots and an international vision, we aim to contribute all we can to a better future of the home appliance industry in Taiwan.


Our bestselling products include a full series of electric fans, ovens, induction cookers, electric cookers, blenders and water boilers. We never cease to find ways to improve our items and to come up with new ideas for developing better appliances. Our goal is to bring technology into everyday life and bring everyday life into technology, so that our customers can enjoy a better life quality with our uniquely designed products. Through close collaboration with our main distribution channels and sales events, we offer our customers cheaper and more convenient ways to shop. We make sure that the quality of our products remains excellent and the manufacturing deadlines are always met. We have established an accessible customer services network in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan, so that our customers can enjoy dependable products without needing to worry about the quality of their purchases.


The three main ideals of Sunhow Home Appliances are brand improvement, a client-first policy and excellent customer services. We see ourselves as creators of a convenient lifestyle, combining the latest information and techniques to develop new multi-functional, diverse and health-preserving home appliances, as well as dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to serving our customers. As the pioneer in the home appliance industry in Taiwan, we aim to become the new standard of health-preserving home appliances.